15-07-2012 | Coral Rehabilitation Initiative - presentation at the 12th International Coral Reef Symposium
Photo: Van Oord Together with Van Oord, Blue Linked presented the ideas of the Coral Rehabilitation Initiative at the International Coral Reef Symposium. The symposium was an inspiring meeting of more than 2,000 coral experts from all over the world, focussing on the future.

During a closed meeting with 25 participants from industry, science and government, it became obvious that the initiative satisfies the needs of these parties to work together in reef rehabilitation. The time is right for a concerted effort to create a healthy future for the world's coral reefs.

As a result of the positive reactions towards the Coral Rehabilitation Initiative, the project will proceed as planned. This means designing and building the Mobile Coral Breeding Laboratory and drawing up a manual for techniques on sexual coral reproduction and coral breeding.
With respect to the activities of Van Oord and the valuable contacts with coral experts on site, Australia presents an appropriate start location for the Coral Rehabilitation Initiative. In November 2012, Blue Linked visited 'Down Under' again in order to shape the project further with its stakeholders.
Leaflet Coral Rehabilitation Initiative - Van Oord