09-09-2013 | Experimental hatchery ready for next step
Michaël Laterveer (left) and Daan Pijnenburg (right) at work in the Experimental fish fry hatchery of Blue Linked (photo: M. Laterveer-de Beer).
During the past few months the systems in the Experimental fish fry hatchery have been modified and multiple tests have been completed. This has resulted in a self supporting population of food animals, while gathering of the plankton is carried out on a daily basis.

Food animal density can be driven by changing the concentration of food algae. With a density of 5 to 8 food animals per milliliter and preservation of an excellent water quality, the timing is perfect for introducing fish larvae to culture fish fry: the ultimate goal of the Experimental hatchery.

Blue Linked expects to carry out a first trial with a culture of turbot (Scophthalmus maximus) fish larvae later this month.