08.11.2019 | New location!
Foto: Manon Laterveer - de Beer Situated in the municipal bicycle depot in Utrecht, the experimental hatchery of Blue Linked is taking shape. From 2020 onward, the location will be used by the municipality for other purposes. Therefore, we will move to another location.

In Hazerswoude-dorp - much closer to our office in Zoetermeer - we found a building that exactly meets our expectations. On 8 November 2019 we signed the rental agreement with the owner. The relocation will start on December 1st and we hope to have our hatchery up and running by January 2020.
Foto: Manon Laterveer - de Beer Photo from left to right: Carla van der Haven-Verschut (owner), Nico Leeuwenstein (NL+Engineering), Michaƫl Laterveer (Blue Linked), Kees Jacobs (Jacobs real estate agent).