01.05.2020 | Student advice monitoring network
With the corona crisis, the setup of our breeding centre at the new location in Hazerswoude-dorp is unfortunately delayed. But of course this does not mean that we are in a passive state. Recently, students from Utrecht University presented their advice to Blue Linked on setting up a monitoring network that can maximise the success rate of reintroducing marine species into the North Sea; a helping hand in underpinning our strategic vision of '1 fish on your plate, 1 fish in the sea'.
Between February and April the students worked on the assignment, as part of the course 'Scientist in Advice'. During this course, third-year students of the Bachelor of Biology work in groups on an advisory issue from society. We are very happy that the students, even in this special time, have successfully completed the project. Their advisory report will be used, among other things, in the transition to circular fish farming that Blue Linked is striving for, in which part of the cultured juvenile fish will be released into the sea.
Would you also like to become part of this transition to circular fish farming? Please contact us.