Time for change in aquaculture

There are several disadvantages in the methods used in aquaculture at present. Energy consuming filtering techniques make controlling the water quality very expensive. The food used for rearing cultured fish is not optimal, since the yields are low and the fish-food consists of fish caught from the wild. Furthermore, the number of species that is successfully cultured at present is limited and there is little attention for animal welfare. Therefore, Blue Linked invests in circular aquaculture.

Pioneer in circular aquaculture

With an ever increasing world population, the need for animal protein grows day by day. And fish is the most efficient solution to meet this challenge. The circular aquaculture techniques of Blue Linked are the answer. Using revolutionary water purification techniques, adequate food sources and an ecological approach to the culture of fish and other marine organisms, Blue Linked is a pioneer in the field of circular aquaculture. We offer services in culturing marine fish fry, copepods and coral

Fish embryo\'s (photo: W. van Egmond) Coral (photo: J. Craggs). Copepod (photo: J. Kros).