Ecologically cultured corals

There is a demand for cultured corals by hobby- and public aquaria. Usually, these corals are obtained from the wild. This implies that natural coral reefs are effected.

Blue Linked chooses another direction in order to meet the demand for cultured corals. Together with the Dutch company EcoDeco, we demonstrated that there are ecologically responsible methods to offer in the culture of corals for the commercial market. This was the conclusion of the Coral Farm project, which ended in 2012 with positive results.

Cultured coral Caulastrea curvata (photo: M. Laterveer-de Beer).
Cultured coral Caulastrea curvata (photo: M. Laterveer-de Beer).

Sustainable coral

Thanks to a special technique, developed by EcoDeco, the corals are cultured under conditions that come as close to natural conditions as possible. In 2014 the Dutch newspaper Trouw published an article about a new coral project of Blue Linked in collaboration with Dutch coral expert Tim Wijgerde.

Pharmaceutical industry, scientific research

Blue Linked expects to be able to meet the future needs of the pharmaceutical industry with cultured corals which can be used to obtain useful substances. Scientists can contact us to supply the corals that they need for their scientific research. We are particularly interested in the effects of climate change and research questions regarding the health and the future prospects of natural coral reefs.