Fostering a healthy marine environment

Blue Linked’s mission is to foster a healthy marine environment. We do this by forging connections and alliances that lead to unique collaborations between different partners. Thereby we explore new paths, bringing theory and practice together. As a formal training company we take the responsibility to educate your professionals in the marine environment, while being inspired by their new, fresh ideas. Awareness of the importance of a sustainable use of the oceans and marine life is at the heart of our activities.

Vision Blue Linked expressed on The Fish Site (November 2020)

Innovative and practical solutions

The world’s growing population is exerting increasing pressure on marine habitats the world over. Over-fishing, destruction of coral reefs, climate change and pollution are among the many serious threats to the oceans. Given that all life on earth is inter-connected with the ocean, these human activities are putting our own health at risk. Blue Linked’s vision is to create a healthy balance between mankind and the marine environment. This can be brought about by using innovative and practical solutions to avoid the degredation of the oceans. This is our duty towards future generations.
Spanish hogfish (photo: M. Laterveer). Shrimp (photo: M. Laterveer). Deepwater Squirrelfish (photo: M. Laterveer). Braincoral and tubeworms (photo: M. Laterveer).